17 Oct

Whats its like to be an Engineer in 21st century !

Well, Engineering used to be a huge impressive course and was considered the next big thing to a DOCTOR. People used to think WOW! your ward is doing Engineering… hmm… Not any more dude !!!

These days, with the ever growing competition and over 3 crore engineers (including me) passing out every year in INDIA itself, nothing remains what used to be a impressive thing to do. These days a B.Tech or B.E. engineer gets around 15k to 20k max as a fresher, which is same amount as a B.Com. B.A. or any other graduate may get in a CALL CENTRE…

The jobs at engineering level sucks a lot out of a person. Morning 9am to 8pm Continuously in front of a COMPUTER busting the brains, eyes literally CHURNING out program codes. To do this 6 days a week and get Rs 15,000 thats a big set back…

In the race of getting a job, an engineer looks out to learn new technologies, languages, courses etc etc and spending infinite time STUDYING. Then thinking of post-graduation in the form of M.Tech, M.S. or M.B.A…. Ya MBA, the same MBA which a BA, BBA, BCom, BSc, and all other B!!!!!! graduate student wants to pursue. When asked the reason for pursuing MBA, one simple, one common answer is what we get “Yaar, aaj kal MBA ki bina paisa kahaan hai” So MBA is a lottery ticket, if one gets it he earns, and wastes his/her engineering 4 years BTECH…

Well whatever may be the drawback, people like me and may many others will be doing engineering, not just for the sake of it, but for the love of it !!!

Engineering you ROCK !!!

09 Aug

Cool Way to Decrease your ADWORDS budget

See the image below, see how low a website design company can go to minimize their budget of ADWORDS. They SAY that


I got angry and clicked on there ad for 35 times :) it stopped coming.  The website is a piece of shit and the adword is also a piece of shit.

Adwords fraud illegal text

25 Jun



I bought Micromax Q7 about a month ago, and have thoroughly explored its pros and cons.  Overall i am very happy with this phone as it provides value for money. Each penny invested in Micromax Q7 is worth it.

Advantage of MICROMAX Q7

  1. The scroll ball is the ultimate experience. In Micromax Q7 the scroll bar makes navigation and browsing so easy. It is  reliable and soft. It provides a great professional touch to the phone.
  2. WIFI in Micromax Q7: In Rs 4700 you get a wifi phone. Go internet wherever you get a wifi connection. It has got excellent connectivity and easily detects wifi in the range.
  3. In Built Nimbus: Nimbus is multimessenger chat platform, i am pretty happy with this. It really helps me stay in touch with my friends, family and clients.
  4. Screen Resolution of Micromax Q7. The screen has a decent size, and awesome clarity. Micormax Q7 provides a great resolution screen with excellent sharpness and evey picture movie or video comes crystal clear
  5. JAVA in Micromax Q7 – Java gives the power to install applications like google map, games, and any other java app.
  6. PRICE of Micromax Q7 - The price of micromax q7 is around 4600 rs and that is pretty low for the features it provides.

Disadvantages of MICROMAX Q7

  1. Battery  backup of Micromax q7 - The battery is on the lower side . It does not provide that good battery backup and needs charging almost daily.
  2. Operating System in Micromax q7 – The interface of Micromax q7 is similar to those in the chinese mobiles from gafaar market. This interface does not allow live video straming and many other features.
  3. Camera in Micromax Q7 – The camera in Micromax Q7 thouggh is 2 MP and gives decent photos but does not alllow zooming after 600×400 size. Thats a big drawback

Despite of the above disadvantages i am pretty happy with the phone as it allows connectivity at a decent price and looks good.

It gives a professional touch and allows me to be a step ahead.


15 Jun

Indian Idol 5 SONGS 2010

All Indian Idol 5 Fans

31st May and 1st June

Aai Meri Subha by Naushad Ali (download)

I Love You by Sreeram (download)

Na Ja Kahien Ab Na Ja by Rakesh (download)

Pheli Nazar Main by Sreeram (download)

Jab se Tere Naina by Rakesh (download)

Tu hi mere shab hai by Sreeram (download)

Indian Idol 5 contestant songs free mp3 download. Keep watching Indian Idol 5, If u dont then download songs from here !!!!

13 May

Indian Cricket !

With devastating blow in World Twenty20 2010, future of INDIAN cricket is in question. The team that went to West Indies had no greats, no single player can be said as a future legend in the world of Cricket.

The person who comes close of calling a maybe Future legend of Cricket MS Dhoni has surprised the most, not only by his poor performance on field but also by his weird and illogical answers in the press conference.

He was quoted saying that “THANK GOD, IPL will be after the T20 World Cup in 2011 and then the question of IPL causing hinderence in the performance of the players will not be asked”

What the hell, he is already prepared to loose next time around also and what he is worrying that when he looses IPL wont be pin pointed as a reason… The captain after litterally been KICKED OUT of World Cup already looking for the reasons that he could site when he looses next time round.

The so called world class batsmen in the INDIAN team can not play a bluddy bouncer ! One delivery in an occasional over and they were behaving as if they were put against something they had never in their entire life faced it !

The most credit should go to BCCI, who has mde the cricket player’s schedule jam packed but did not make a single series in WEST INDIES so that the players could get a look at the conditions out there.

Hmm.. what to crib about now. INDIAN TEAM lost, thrashed, beaten to death and the team members are partying.