12 Jul

Why is programming so…

Here is the first part of many blog posts to come explaining some of the “Frequently thought but not asked questions”. If you have some questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments of this post. Would love to answer them. :)

Why is programming so :



Any new language (french, german, italian) you hear/read will at first will look cryptic. As you get accustomed to it, it will feel natural. Once you understand why a piece of code is written using a particular “syntax” (more on this later) it will be easy for you to relate to it.


Rigid or Strict

Each spoken/written language has a grammar. Similarly each programming language has a syntax. The only difference here is Human’s can understand the hidden meaning in the dialect despite incorrect grammar, by considering other factors like the environment, the gestures etc. Unfortunately the computers are not yet this advanced, if we use the wrong syntax, the computer does not take the other factors in the scenario. Only your imagination and requirement are restricting you from creating a software. Programming is not rigid or strict, it’s not stopping you to create something.



Over the years, with interests of more companies, developers, scientists and customer requirements; computer programming had to evolve and with this evolution many diverse but necessary languages were created. Again here we can see an analogy to just any other spoken/written language. Latin for example has been evolved into french, english, german, italian. Sanskrit is evolved into hindi, kannada, tamil and bengali. Similarly over the years, one programming language was evolved into more simpler programming languages. The programming language C is used as the base for most of the other languages like Python, PHP, Ruby (don’t get scared here, these are just the names of some the programming languages).

16 Jan

A year ago!

A year ago I had you.
A year ago I could hear you.
Your words of wisdom and care
are more important than air
I wish I could hear you
I know you can hear me

A year ago I had you.
A year ago I could see you.
Your smile levitating souls
Your tears drilling holes
I wish I could see you
I know you can see me

A year ago I had you.
A year ago I hugged you.
Your warmth was the world
now everyone’s cold
I wish I could reach you
I know you can reach me

A year ago I had you.
A year ago I had the most precious person…

31 Mar

Twitter Bug :)

Its always interesting when companies like twitter, facebook and others release half cooked code .. and show us their naked self  :P



twitter bug while updating profile

27 Feb

Life does not let you fly that easy!

No one wants to fall and just stand, we want to “fly”.

Each step you take on the runway, time will keep on throwing stones in your bag making each step difficult than the previous and all of a sudden you will find yourself in a huge trench with bag already weighing tons.

One needs to find a source, a light to bring the will to continue the attempt to fly … and if time really wants to test you it will take the light away from you and keep you in an abyss.

At this point, you are left with your thoughts, experience and determination. One needs to align all of these and put best foot forward.

Once out of the abyss, task is not over … the target was to fly … you have just reached level zero again but this time with more load, tiredness and shock. But you have also gained the experience on how the world moves when you are in that trench, who stands with you, who threw you a rope, who was your light, who can be your light …

With the strength gained and lessons learned each step on runway will seem lighter than the abyss …

02 Jan

The power of idea

The power of an idea is what changes life.

Eventually all the experience, all the knowledge and all the money comes down to what IDEA you got and on what you are devoting your time. One unique idea can change life, yours and all the people who are touched by the idea.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with an idea, Personalization and Explicity in Social Media.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin revolutionized the internet with their one idea “GOOGLE”

Steve Jobs got the idea of creating a mouse based OS after looking at XeroxLabs hence working on MAC.

Bill Gates who shared the idea with Steve Jobs created WINDOWS (and causing a rift between Jobs & Gates).

Drew Houston got the idea of Dropbox while travelling in a train and literally started coding at a train station.

Life is changed first by the IDEA, then Knowledge and then Money.

How to get a great IDEA  ? Idea comes from real life scenario’s, experiences, knowledge and sometime money and that’s the irony.

30 Sep

Word Clock – QlockTwo CLONE – HTML JQuery – Adobe AIR application

Got this idea from http://www.qlocktwo.com/ So made a javascript version of it and then later on thought of putting it in Adobe Air.

 Download and install it for free. Do comment on how do you like it.

Click Here to download

Requirement: Adobe Air Environment

Dont forget to comment if you like, not like it … anything… any review will be appreciated ….