23 Oct

Beam MONEY : Mobile Wallet service

The new mobile wallet service in town. Beam Mobile, simple mobile money is actually quit simple. You just need to send an sms and get your mobile number registered. Then you will receive a free gift of 11/21 Rs on your beam account. You can use your beam account to recharge your prepaid mobile number and pay bills of your postpaid mobile number.

beam money mobile wallet

Beam Money is worth registering as it is giving 10% cashback, i.e. on recharge of Rs 100 you get talk time of Rs100 and only Rs 90 is deducted from your beam account. You can even earn some quick money and recharge other mobile numbers and earn 10% benefit…

The major problem with beam will be finding a place to recharge your beam account. The success of beam will be dependent on the number of franchisee it attract. The more availability of the coupons the better the response….

If you wanting to save some of the money from your bills and recharges and shopping go for BEAM .. THE NEW MOBILE WALLET

log on to www.beam.co.in for more information

20 Oct

What not to buy online !!!!

Ever wondered on buying stuff online… If yes then you might wana consider this list of what not to buy online .. and if you want to buy, where to buy it from…

Desktops : NO dont buy your new desktop online. You can review the prices and configuration to suite your comfort. and ask and bargain the same desktop from a local dealer.

Laptops: NO a strict no.. They are way costly on the internet. You can easily find a difference of 5K between the online price and the local price.

Computer Accessories: Ya if you are in need of one you can go for them online as the quality and warranty is not of great demand and the price difference is almost 0… So computer accessories can be bought online … Search Ebay, futurebazzar and rediff shop

No, hell no… dont ever go for anykind of clothes … there can be lot of duplicate stuff and there wont be any refund on them. For clothes and other accessories just go to your nearest MALL and spend there.

14 Oct

Live The MalYa Life

The businessman who really knows how to live king size ..
Recently he gifted the politicians a BOTTLE of WHISKY on the occasion of Diwali …

Mallya is learnt to have sent across a bottle of ‘Black Dog’ whisky along with a greeting card for Diwali to the residences of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs and while most may have quietly raised a toast to him, BJP’s Prabhat Jha has shot off a letter to the businessman. In his letter to Mallya, Jha has said that the “diwali gift which you have sent me, has no connection with my lifestyle, even though it may have been sent with the best of wishes for Diwali. The Indian society does not accept it.”

Ostentatious lifestyle
Apart from his entrepreneurial skill, this ‘King Of Good Times’ is also known for his colourful life. His parties are the talk of the town and every celeb and wannabe yearns to be a part of them. He sports a huge, diamond studded ‘VJM,’ bracelet on his right hand, a huge diamond, ruby and emerald pendant of Lord Venkateshwara. On his ears are eye popping solitaires. He owns yachts, private jets, a customized Boeing 727, around 250 vintage cars and a stud farm with 200 horses.

10 Oct

Maharashtra Polls: ALerting New WayS of ReVolTing

So, with Maharashtra Polls on the line… Every politician wanting to win and saying anything that would please…
Some of the incidents during a rally was something against AUSTRALIA, which caught my attention..
In Maharashtra the people will now planning to greet the Australians in a new way.. For them long gone are the days of welcoming them with garlands and bouquets ..
Australian Team will now have to face Chapals, Shoes in revolt to the Racist attacks in Australia against the Indians..
Some feel that it is right way as the government has not taken any rigid action against the attacks…
But i feel some extreme action must be taken … but not this …. this is not the way to react to what has happened…

01 Oct

” DinoSaurs ” Welcome to INDIA

Guess what a great find has been announced. A fossilized DINOSAURS egg has been found on the banks of river Cauvery ( KAVERY ) …

This is what HINDUSTAN TIMES has to say about it :

The discovery of hundreds of fossilised dinosaur eggs in Tamil Nadu at a nesting site by a Periyar University team triggered excitement on Thursday among Indian geologists who called it an “exciting find”.

The find — probably the first in South India — underneath a stream in the Cauvery river basin region in a tiny village in Ariyalur district near Tiruchirapalli has taken geologists by surprise since the vicinity of Jabalpur in MP is generally considered the richest dinosaur field in the country.

The samples of the fossilised eggs which may be 65 million years old and found from what is believed to be the country’s laragest dinosaur nesting site have been sent to Germany for further research and further verification.

“We went to Ariyalur district based on the information we had. Upon investigation we found these dinosaur eggs in holes. Soon we found them in clusters and realised that these might have been nests,” Ramkumar, head of the Geology Department, Periyar University, told reporters . Research scholars, archaeologists and geologists of the Salem-based University were involved in the hunt for India’s largest Jurassic nest.

Each egg was about 13 to 20 cm in diameter and they were lying in sandy nests which were of the size of 1.25 metres, Ramkumar said, adding, the spherical eggs in clusters of seven to eight were strewn all over a 2 sq km area.

“It is an exciting find and opens up several exciting possibilities,” said Prof. A D Ahluwalia of Punjab University, Chandigarh. He did not doubt the genuiness of the find since it was traced by geologists from the area. He however said it is for the scientists to confirm they were dinosaur eggs.

The researchers have requested the Ariyalur district administration to cordon off the site since a similar discovery in Jabalpur led to a plunder of the fossilized treasure.