11 Dec

How cloud computing affects a layman

With all services on the internet going to cloud, a layman is bound to come across the term and wonder how the hell would that affect me, I am happy as long as you give me cheap and reliable service.

The reason that services are moving to cloud to ensure that they can scale easily when their customer increase. Scaling simply implies to increasing resources when customers or traffic increases. They start with minimal infra hence keeping their costs low and as their services become popular they add more infrastructure. By doing this they ensure that costs are minimum without compromising in the reliability.

So the reason the companies are going to cloud boils down to the simple concern a person will have “affordable” and “reliable” service. Not saying that companies just go to cloud hosting just to reduce cost, some requirements like adhoc computations, date warehousing etc the companies use resources on the internet.

Cloud provides companies with the liberty of maintaining their server infrastructure on the fly. They can start and shut servers as per their requirement hence maintaining their server budget and giving the benefit to the user.

02 Jan

The power of idea

The power of an idea is what changes life.

Eventually all the experience, all the knowledge and all the money comes down to what IDEA you got and on what you are devoting your time. One unique idea can change life, yours and all the people who are touched by the idea.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with an idea, Personalization and Explicity in Social Media.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin revolutionized the internet with their one idea “GOOGLE”

Steve Jobs got the idea of creating a mouse based OS after looking at XeroxLabs hence working on MAC.

Bill Gates who shared the idea with Steve Jobs created WINDOWS (and causing a rift between Jobs & Gates).

Drew Houston got the idea of Dropbox while travelling in a train and literally started coding at a train station.

Life is changed first by the IDEA, then Knowledge and then Money.

How to get a great IDEA  ? Idea comes from real life scenario’s, experiences, knowledge and sometime money and that’s the irony.

30 Sep

Word Clock – QlockTwo CLONE – HTML JQuery – Adobe AIR application

Got this idea from http://www.qlocktwo.com/ So made a javascript version of it and then later on thought of putting it in Adobe Air.

 Download and install it for free. Do comment on how do you like it.

Click Here to download

Requirement: Adobe Air Environment

Dont forget to comment if you like, not like it … anything… any review will be appreciated ….









07 Jan

C Program to Count number of words & lines & characters without using array

C Program to count number of words & lines & characters without using array or pointers

#include <stdio.h>


#define IN 1  //inside a word

#define OUT 0 //outside a word

main ()


int nl, nw, nc, state; //nl is number of line, nw for words and nc for characters

char c;

state = OUT;

nl=nw=nc=0; //initializing to 0

while ((c =getchar()) != EOF) // EOF is a character after pressing CTR+Z


++nc; //incrementing number of characters

if (c == ‘\n’)

++nl; //incrementing number of lines

if(c==’ ‘|| c==’\n’ ||c==’\t’)

state=IN; // changing state to inside word

if(state==IN) {

state=OUT; //changing state to outside

++nw; //incrementing number of words



printf (“%d %d %d”, nl, nw, nc);



24 Dec

DELL XCD-28 – Budget Android Phone

New horizons. Colourful adventures. Exhilarating moments.

Inspiration sees no end in the world you create with the Dell XCD28. Bring your imagination to life with the smart 3G experience, Wi-Fi, GPS and a host of exciting applications.

Create a new world every day.

  • AndroidTM 2.1 OS
  • 3G HSDPA speeds upto 7.2Mbps plus EDGE, GSM support
  • WiFi b/g connectivity plus Bluetooth 2.1 EDR plus AGPS plus FM
  • TFT LCD full touch upto 262K colours
  • 3.2MP Camera with 5x zoom
  • GPS – will never leave you stranded, you can find the nearest city or simply find your way home with Google Maps
  • Storage – 200 MB internal user memory plus support for external SD card upto 16GB
  • Access to Corporate Exchange Emails
  • Document Reader (Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Includes 2GB MicroSD card

Dell XCD-28

PRICE – RS 8800