27 Feb

Life does not let you fly that easy!

No one wants to fall and just stand, we want to “fly”.

Each step you take on the runway, time will keep on throwing stones in your bag making each step difficult than the previous and all of a sudden you will find yourself in a huge trench with bag already weighing tons.

One needs to find a source, a light to bring the will to continue the attempt to fly … and if time really wants to test you it will take the light away from you and keep you in an abyss.

At this point, you are left with your thoughts, experience and determination. One needs to align all of these and put best foot forward.

Once out of the abyss, task is not over … the target was to fly … you have just reached level zero again but this time with more load, tiredness and shock. But you have also gained the experience on how the world moves when you are in that trench, who stands with you, who threw you a rope, who was your light, who can be your light …

With the strength gained and lessons learned each step on runway will seem lighter than the abyss …