15 Dec

Noida Theater Reviews :: The big Fight

Hi, being a big movie buff thought of giving a review of the various theaters in NOIDA. The most famous these days is the BIG CINEMAS in The Great Indian Place (TGIP) as its relatively newer.

The other theaters are :

1. Wave Cinemas (Center Stage Mall)

2. Spice Cinemas (Spice Mall)

3. JAM (Just About Movies at Shipra, Ghaziabad)


So these are the 4 Multiplexes in NOIDA. I might mention the SHIPRA is not in NOIDA but in ghaziabad but i thought of mentioning it here was that SHIPRA MALL (JAM) is just 1/2 km from NOIDA.

WELL WAVE CINEMAS at Center Stage Mall was the first multiplex in NOIDA. It is still famous for its seat and music quality. Initially when WAVES was the only theater in NOIDA It was priced rather irrationally with ticket of every show Rs 150 . As there was no competition the price never needed to come down. Then came SPICE Cinemas which has a poor ambiance but the pricing caught the eye of most of the people and brought the NOIDAites to theater. Initially it started as PVR Cinemas at SPICE MALL but after a year or so it got into SPICE Cinemas. The price of tickets at Spice Cinema is the best and most competitive. It ranges from Rs 30, 40, 50, 70, 100, 120, 150 and 160.

Then there was BIG CINEMAS at The Great INDIAN PLACE . It had the best feel. The theaters were in complete maroon felt as if we were welcomed to a party of some sort. But the seats at BIG CINEMAS were quite disappointing they were a bit small and lacked padding .

So if you want to save MONEY

I would tell you go for morning show at PVR SPICE priced at mere Rs 30 and Rs 40.

If you want luxury and best ambience the go For WAVE CINEMAS and if you want cozy and private experience the go for TGIP BIG CINEMAS.