06 Dec

Epitome of Lazyness by UPTU

Without any news on the datesheet of ODD semester BTech exams as of yet the students are getting frustrated. There have been rumors from the start of this odd Semester (I III V and VII semesters) that the examination will be scheduled from the 26th of December 2009. But if that would be the case the Date Sheet ( or examination schedule) should have been out by now.

This makes me wonder weather the end semester examination will be even more delayed. Perhaps starting from 6th Jan 2010. That would really cause some big delay in the entire academic calendar.

Uptu, showing this time that it really belongs to Uttar Pradesh and is run by the slow and late lateefs of UP.

Odd semester generally ends by the end of December or latest in the first of January every year. This year because the counseling ( entrance and selection procedure for new students) was delayed by over 2 months the exams had to be rescheduled but till when thats creating a problem.

20 Oct

What not to buy online !!!!

Ever wondered on buying stuff online… If yes then you might wana consider this list of what not to buy online .. and if you want to buy, where to buy it from…

Desktops : NO dont buy your new desktop online. You can review the prices and configuration to suite your comfort. and ask and bargain the same desktop from a local dealer.

Laptops: NO a strict no.. They are way costly on the internet. You can easily find a difference of 5K between the online price and the local price.

Computer Accessories: Ya if you are in need of one you can go for them online as the quality and warranty is not of great demand and the price difference is almost 0… So computer accessories can be bought online … Search Ebay, futurebazzar and rediff shop

No, hell no… dont ever go for anykind of clothes … there can be lot of duplicate stuff and there wont be any refund on them. For clothes and other accessories just go to your nearest MALL and spend there.

14 Oct

Live The MalYa Life

The businessman who really knows how to live king size ..
Recently he gifted the politicians a BOTTLE of WHISKY on the occasion of Diwali …

Mallya is learnt to have sent across a bottle of ‘Black Dog’ whisky along with a greeting card for Diwali to the residences of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs and while most may have quietly raised a toast to him, BJP’s Prabhat Jha has shot off a letter to the businessman. In his letter to Mallya, Jha has said that the “diwali gift which you have sent me, has no connection with my lifestyle, even though it may have been sent with the best of wishes for Diwali. The Indian society does not accept it.”

Ostentatious lifestyle
Apart from his entrepreneurial skill, this ‘King Of Good Times’ is also known for his colourful life. His parties are the talk of the town and every celeb and wannabe yearns to be a part of them. He sports a huge, diamond studded ‘VJM,’ bracelet on his right hand, a huge diamond, ruby and emerald pendant of Lord Venkateshwara. On his ears are eye popping solitaires. He owns yachts, private jets, a customized Boeing 727, around 250 vintage cars and a stud farm with 200 horses.

10 Oct

Maharashtra Polls: ALerting New WayS of ReVolTing

So, with Maharashtra Polls on the line… Every politician wanting to win and saying anything that would please…
Some of the incidents during a rally was something against AUSTRALIA, which caught my attention..
In Maharashtra the people will now planning to greet the Australians in a new way.. For them long gone are the days of welcoming them with garlands and bouquets ..
Australian Team will now have to face Chapals, Shoes in revolt to the Racist attacks in Australia against the Indians..
Some feel that it is right way as the government has not taken any rigid action against the attacks…
But i feel some extreme action must be taken … but not this …. this is not the way to react to what has happened…

27 Aug

StAte of UPTU …

The state of UPTU in the month of AUG-SEP 2009 .

UPTU is really going down the wells. I dont know why but the 1st year counselling had been rescheduled and then again re-rescheduled. Its been reported now that the 1st year will finally flood the colleges from second week of SEPTEMBER… UPTU turning on to be a late lateef ..

There is another almost true and soon realty fact that UPTU is gonna split into two halves from 2years now. One for east UP the univesity will be GautamBudh Technical University the other for Western UP will be Maha Maya University..

With MAYAWATI possesiveness over UP and ever growing thirst for put her name MAHA MAYA on any damn upcoming project in any part of UP how can a name on a university be missed.

In NOIDA and GREATER NOIDA there are two flyovers named MAHAMAYA FLYOVER. There a government school called MAHAMAYA INTER COLLEGE on NOIDA-GreaterNOIDA expresswaya …

I wonder if soon there will be any stone which doesnot have MAHAMAYA written on it… LOL..

Well i feel bad for those students who will get a degree as MAHAMAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY….