10 Apr

OVerHAUl your BoDy…

The biggest question in this world, “Am i looking good¬† ?”

Each and everyone have asked this question more than once in their entire life well thats a long period, i wont be wrong if i would say that each and every one (not GEEKS) asks this questions almost daily.

I have listed the most common reasons for an overhaul of your body :

  1. WEIGHT (less or more)
  4. DRESS

The FIRST and MOST COMMON problem in WEIGHT, well underweight is not a majorproblem these days but overweight is surely is. Well if you are overweight then my dear friend, you need to take care of yourself. I am going to give you some valuable points.

  • FIRSTLY, workout, walk, running, jogging, anything that involves getting physical is a MUST. It may be hard, but its the necessary step towards your BODY OVERHAUL. Spend daily minimum 1 hour and weekly at least10 hours sweating, kicking your ass, not sitting at on place munching …. GET BACK START WORKING… OR STOP DREAMING FOR A NEW BODY PAL…..
  • DIET : What you eat is what you get ! So think before you eat. FRUITS, MILK and EGGS are a must, PULSES, CHICKEN are excellent proteins. eat them. A STRICT NO TO JUNK FOOD, COLD DRINKS, BEER, FRIED FOOD and DRY FRUITS.
  • TIMINGS : Believe it or not what you eat matters, but even more important is WHEN YOU EAT also matters. There should be equal spacing between all your meals. Breakfast and Evening Snacks should lightest and Dinner should also be light and LUCH can be a little satisfying. DO KEEP at least a gap of 3 hours between anything thats goes down your throat.

Then comes your attitude, are you lathargic and laid back. THAT WONT HELP. Get up start early in the morning and sleep early .. that also helps in fixing your body’s metabolism and keeps fresh and lively throughout the day.

Thirdly, your PERSONA. well with your persona i refer to what kind of vibes do you have, as in are you pesimist or an optimist. Well pesimistic people, please wake up, this world aint that BAD. If ever you need to achieve something in this life, you have to keep yourself optimisitic and have faith in the ALMIGHTY. Just do your part and leave the RESULT to HIM.

12 Jan

Productive utilization of INTERNET

Let me inform you some of the methods by which one can utilize internet for his/her benifit.¬† Well it has been seen that more than 70% of traffic on internet does not utilize it, or one can say abour 40 million people just log on and either chat with their friends or surf without anythought. They are not willing to learn anyhting from this massive ocean of KNOWLEDGE “THE INTERNET” .

Some of the most common time wasting websites include YAHOO, FACEBOOK, ORKUT, MYSPACE, GoOGLE, and many others where everyone just log on and either chat or check mail and then asta lavista ..

How many of the internet community wants to learn by reading books. Now adays there is a new PHENOMENON called the eBook. Its nothing but a soft copy of any book (generally in PDF or acrobat format) . One can search the search engines to download the ebook of the topic required or one can use the best site for online book sharing called SCRIBD. Ya the SCRIBD its really awesoome initiative taken to spread the knowledge.

If you are an engineering student or any student in thirst of knowledge or wanting to learn new things you should really log on to scribd.com and read.

There are numerous online encyclopedia the best and most vast these days is WIKIPEDIA. It has great collection of accurate information relating to almost any topic in this universe. One can just go there and search for anything you are requiring.

For leisure yet innovation try doing some ulta creative activityies like opening a BLOG or something. Thats much better way of informing what you are thinking rather than just a text on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

If you wana earn, hmm… its tough competition out here.