13 May

Indian Cricket !

With devastating blow in World Twenty20 2010, future of INDIAN cricket is in question. The team that went to West Indies had no greats, no single player can be said as a future legend in the world of Cricket.

The person who comes close of calling a maybe Future legend of Cricket MS Dhoni has surprised the most, not only by his poor performance on field but also by his weird and illogical answers in the press conference.

He was quoted saying that “THANK GOD, IPL will be after the T20 World Cup in 2011 and then the question of IPL causing hinderence in the performance of the players will not be asked”

What the hell, he is already prepared to loose next time around also and what he is worrying that when he looses IPL wont be pin pointed as a reason… The captain after litterally been KICKED OUT of World Cup already looking for the reasons that he could site when he looses next time round.

The so called world class batsmen in the INDIAN team can not play a bluddy bouncer ! One delivery in an occasional over and they were behaving as if they were put against something they had never in their entire life faced it !

The most credit should go to BCCI, who has mde the cricket player’s schedule jam packed but did not make a single series in WEST INDIES so that the players could get a look at the conditions out there.

Hmm.. what to crib about now. INDIAN TEAM lost, thrashed, beaten to death and the team members are partying.


10 Oct

Maharashtra Polls: ALerting New WayS of ReVolTing

So, with Maharashtra Polls on the line… Every politician wanting to win and saying anything that would please…
Some of the incidents during a rally was something against AUSTRALIA, which caught my attention..
In Maharashtra the people will now planning to greet the Australians in a new way.. For them long gone are the days of welcoming them with garlands and bouquets ..
Australian Team will now have to face Chapals, Shoes in revolt to the Racist attacks in Australia against the Indians..
Some feel that it is right way as the government has not taken any rigid action against the attacks…
But i feel some extreme action must be taken … but not this …. this is not the way to react to what has happened…