20 Oct

What not to buy online !!!!

Ever wondered on buying stuff online… If yes then you might wana consider this list of what not to buy online .. and if you want to buy, where to buy it from…

Desktops : NO dont buy your new desktop online. You can review the prices and configuration to suite your comfort. and ask and bargain the same desktop from a local dealer.

Laptops: NO a strict no.. They are way costly on the internet. You can easily find a difference of 5K between the online price and the local price.

Computer Accessories: Ya if you are in need of one you can go for them online as the quality and warranty is not of great demand and the price difference is almost 0… So computer accessories can be bought online … Search Ebay, futurebazzar and rediff shop

No, hell no… dont ever go for anykind of clothes … there can be lot of duplicate stuff and there wont be any refund on them. For clothes and other accessories just go to your nearest MALL and spend there.