14 Oct

Live The MalYa Life

The businessman who really knows how to live king size ..
Recently he gifted the politicians a BOTTLE of WHISKY on the occasion of Diwali …

Mallya is learnt to have sent across a bottle of ‘Black Dog’ whisky along with a greeting card for Diwali to the residences of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs and while most may have quietly raised a toast to him, BJP’s Prabhat Jha has shot off a letter to the businessman. In his letter to Mallya, Jha has said that the “diwali gift which you have sent me, has no connection with my lifestyle, even though it may have been sent with the best of wishes for Diwali. The Indian society does not accept it.”

Ostentatious lifestyle
Apart from his entrepreneurial skill, this ‘King Of Good Times’ is also known for his colourful life. His parties are the talk of the town and every celeb and wannabe yearns to be a part of them. He sports a huge, diamond studded ‘VJM,’ bracelet on his right hand, a huge diamond, ruby and emerald pendant of Lord Venkateshwara. On his ears are eye popping solitaires. He owns yachts, private jets, a customized Boeing 727, around 250 vintage cars and a stud farm with 200 horses.