08 Jan

Bhagat & Hirani succeeds in creating 1 Billion Idiots

3 idiots, oh no no no…its actually 1billion idiots … hehehe

With the making and success of Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 IDIOTS and corresponding spat between R. K. Hirani and Chetan Bhagat leading a success of FIVE POINT SOMEONE as well.. Ya the book on which 3 idiots were based on.

The controversy between Bhagat and Hirani has made the stupid INDIAN crowd to not only see the movie 3 idiots and buy the book 5 point someone as welll…

The book 5 point someone is selling like hot cake and so is the ticket of 3 idiots. The shows are jam packed with no seat left for the people who want to buy the ticket just before the show..

Chetan Bhagat has really played his cards well.. He was paid just around 11 lakhs for the rights he is making much more after the release by selling the book now.. I wonder if he would have expected the same thing with his other book ONE NIGHT AT CALL CENTRE which was also made into a MOVIE.. The book didnt caught the eyes of the reader and neither did the movie…

So with 3idiots soon to cross the 300 crore at box office and the book 5 point someone grossing over 15lakhs since realease … Its really not that difficult to find who is AN IDIOT … :P

14 Aug

Kaminey: Shahid Kapoor the blooming KIDDO

Hey, I watched Kaminey first day first show in CentreStageMall NOIDA… Its a gud movie with great music and brilliance shown by SHAHID KAPOOR…

Kaminey Shahid Kapoor runnng between Horses

Kaminey 2009- Shahid Kapoor running among horses

This word “brilliance” is really happy to be paired with a new name .. LOL .. So Kaminey the movie will seriously catapult the stardom of SHAHID.. The movie involves the double role of Shahid.. as Charlie and Guddu well you must be knowing that… ofcourse.. but its for the people who live in some isolation from television..

There are actually two reasons to watch Kaminey in a THEATER one of course is SHAHID kapoor.. the other one being “DHAN TE NAN” yes the awesome path breaking song has the power of elevating the heart beats of infinite people no wonder how many times one listen to this number…..

Having said that, I wish to add that KAMINEY is not the usual masala film. Sure, it’s a well-made film, but there’s no spoon feeding here. One has to be attentive, very attentive to grasp the goings-on and also the twists in the tale. It’s not one of those lock-your-brains-at-home types, for sure. And that might not be too appealing a thought for those who swear by candyfloss or meaningless ha-ha-thons.
To cut it short, KAMINEY is a film with an attitude. Like it or leave it, but you’d never be able to ignore it. Word from the wise: Go for this hatke experience!

KAMINEY is about a pair of twin brothers, Charlie and Guddu [Shahid Kapoor]. Charlie lisps, while Guddu stammers. They are as different as chalk and cheese. And they can’t stand the sight of each other. Till one fateful rainy night, their lives cross.

Charlie gets mixed up in a deathly get-rich-quick scheme, while Guddu realizes that the love of his life, Sweety [Priyanka Chopra], has unwittingly put a price on his head. The brothers are sucked into a world of drugs, guns and money. Their lives collide head on with the lives of gangsters, rebel soldiers, rogue politicians and crooked cops.

The brothers have to run to protect themselves, their dreams, their love. And most importantly, realize that all they have is each other.

It takes time to get used to the world Vishal Bhardwaj wants us to enter. The characters, the relationships, the lingo, the tone and the setting… frankly, you don’t take to KAMINEY instantly. But twenty minutes into the film and things start falling in place. From thereon, you’re drawn into a different world completely.
The interval point raises the bar and also the expectations. The story takes a dramatic turn at this juncture, but minutes before that, ‘Dhan Te Nan’ makes the proceedings exhilarating and stimulating.

Right from the sequence after the interval to the finale, Vishal Bhardwaj peels off layer after layer, which erupts like a volcano towards the end. The end is long drawn and with so many characters in the film, it only takes time to give a culmination to each of those characters. And that gets tedious. The violent end might not find universal acceptance. Vishal Bhardwaj proves that he’s a master storyteller. KAMINEY is a damn difficult film to conceptualize and execute and Vishal does it with gusto. Besides the soundtrack ['Dhan Te Nan'], the effectual background score only enhances the impact. The dialogues, also penned by Vishal, are super. At places, clapworthy. Tassaduq Hussain’s cinematography is top notch.

Shahid takes a really big leap with KAMINEY. Note how he handles the two characters, Guddu and Charlie, brilliantly. This film is a step to superstardom and also which will open new doors and vistas for him as an actor. Priyanka is first-rate. She’s so much in sync with her character. Also, she gets the Maharashtrian accent perfect. Amole Gupte is outstanding. An incredible actor! Tenzing Nima and Chandan Roy Sanyal leave a solid impression. Shiv Subrahmanyam and Hrishikesh Joshi are perfect.

On the whole, KAMINEY lives up to the hype associated with it. The film has three stars – Vishal Bhardwaj [a name that's immensely respected by moviegoers], Shahid Kapoor and ‘Dhan Te Nan’ – and this combo as also the crooked characters and a genuinely hatke subject should guarantee ample footfalls in cineplexes even after its initial weekend. The weekend business should be huge due to the holidays all through the weekend: Friday [Janmashtami], Saturday [Independence Day] and Sunday. Of course, the business is bound to be affected in parts of Mumbai territory due to Swine Flu, but the film should take off in a big way when theatres re-open.