30 Jan

108 mobile towers sealed in Noida, WHERE should our mobiles go??

With more than108 mobile towers sealed, resulting in no network in the residence area all the work, chat and sms have come to a halt.

Residents are facing very severe problem because of this. Without no network at home there cant be any birthday wishes no new clients, no customer support. Everything coming to a HALT.

In a major crackdown on defaulting cellular service providers, the Noida Authority has sealed 108 mobile towers located in the city’s residential areas for an indefinite period.

The service providers, according to authority officials, were given prior notice to submit documents required for authorisation of the towers which they did not.

According to Sandeep Chandra, senior project engineer (II), Noida Authority, more towers will be sealed tomorrow, there being many others who have not followed the necessary procedure before setting up the towers in residential areas. “Electricity supply to the towers has been cut and the back-up generators have also been sealed. Only 125 cellular service providers had submitted applications requesting an extension a few months ago. These would be spared for the moment,” Chandra added.

Officials said the companies had been directed in 2005 to submit documents such as structural stability certificate, No Objection Certificates from Residents’ Welfare Associations where the towers were to be set up, as well as architectural design approval from experts of selected Indian Institutes of Technology. “These companies include Vodafone, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Reliance and others,” Additional CEO, P N Batham, added.

Noida has approximately 572 mobile towers. “The drive will resume tomorrow. The towers are located in various sectors, starting from Sector 1 to Sector 71,” Chandra added