26 Feb

Tikona :: New age 4G Wifi Connectivity

Welcome to the age of 4G. Tikona a new broadband provider has entered the ever booming internet market in INDIA. Tikona has brought a revolutionary product which uses 4G technology to make your entire home, office, complex, institute wifi enabled.

So whats new about 4G and Tikona broadband. Well huess what it uses no WIRES no CABLES no Roouters nothing. ALL it requires a small boz on your roof top which will catch the signal and make your entire home office or institute wifi enabled. You dont need to get a broadband connection with wires laid to your house then use a wifi router and connect the modem to it that would make your place wifi enabled.

TOTAL INSTALLATION COST before trikona Rs 1000 for broadband security and installation charges Rs 2000 for wifi Router Total costRs 3000. BUT WITH TRIKONA all you need to give as installation is Rs 500.

JUST RS 500 your house, office or institute will be wifi enabled !!!!!!

Tikona Broadband Solutions Wifi Enabled 4G technology, Tikona revolution broadband e\arena TIKONA

What about Tarriffs of Trikona, well Trikona’ s tariffs are cheaper to. Unlimited plans start from Rs 499 for 150Kbps speed Rs 699 for 300Kbps and Rs 799 fir 600 kbps. Thats cheaper than AIRTEL, HATHWAY, Tata Indicom, BSNL, Reliance, SIFY etc.

SO Trikona will soon be the need for every household who have internet and TRIKONA for offices and institues are a necissity.

Trikona is really one great service for BROADBAND USERS