08 Jan

Bhagat & Hirani succeeds in creating 1 Billion Idiots

3 idiots, oh no no no…its actually 1billion idiots … hehehe

With the making and success of Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 IDIOTS and corresponding spat between R. K. Hirani and Chetan Bhagat leading a success of FIVE POINT SOMEONE as well.. Ya the book on which 3 idiots were based on.

The controversy between Bhagat and Hirani has made the stupid INDIAN crowd to not only see the movie 3 idiots and buy the book 5 point someone as welll…

The book 5 point someone is selling like hot cake and so is the ticket of 3 idiots. The shows are jam packed with no seat left for the people who want to buy the ticket just before the show..

Chetan Bhagat has really played his cards well.. He was paid just around 11 lakhs for the rights he is making much more after the release by selling the book now.. I wonder if he would have expected the same thing with his other book ONE NIGHT AT CALL CENTRE which was also made into a MOVIE.. The book didnt caught the eyes of the reader and neither did the movie…

So with 3idiots soon to cross the 300 crore at box office and the book 5 point someone grossing over 15lakhs since realease … Its really not that difficult to find who is AN IDIOT … :P