23 Oct

Beam MONEY : Mobile Wallet service

The new mobile wallet service in town. Beam Mobile, simple mobile money is actually quit simple. You just need to send an sms and get your mobile number registered. Then you will receive a free gift of 11/21 Rs on your beam account. You can use your beam account to recharge your prepaid mobile number and pay bills of your postpaid mobile number.

beam money mobile wallet

Beam Money is worth registering as it is giving 10% cashback, i.e. on recharge of Rs 100 you get talk time of Rs100 and only Rs 90 is deducted from your beam account. You can even earn some quick money and recharge other mobile numbers and earn 10% benefit…

The major problem with beam will be finding a place to recharge your beam account. The success of beam will be dependent on the number of franchisee it attract. The more availability of the coupons the better the response….

If you wanting to save some of the money from your bills and recharges and shopping go for BEAM .. THE NEW MOBILE WALLET

log on to www.beam.co.in for more information